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Russ Meyers & Associates Expands with Kirk Rudy Product Line

Today Russ Meyers & Associates (RMA), based in Raytown , Mo announced that it is expanding its sales

and support territory for the Kirk Rudy product line into Eastern Missouri .


                              Established in Western Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa RMA has provided equipment, service and

                              supplies to the industry since 1967,and has the proud distinction of being the first and longest servicing

                              dealer of Kirk-Rudy equipment. RMA and Kirk-Rudy have restructured the distribution in an effort to

                              ensure that all of their customers can obtain the best products and services at the best price.  "Due to the

                              economic challenges business is facing today, we want to make sure the Kirk-Rudy customer is satisfied."


                              Kelly Jo Meyers, President of Russ Meyers & Associates



                              Kirk Rudy, Inc. is an equipment manufacturer located in Woodstock, GA and has a solid reputation for

                              building heavy-duty equipment that is reliable and a great value for the applications in mailing, printing

                              and packaging environments. All of their equipment is designed and manufactured in the 100,000 square

                              foot facility, including nearly every part on each machine.



                              Kirk Rudy's product line includes industrial inkjet printers used in mailing and packaging, labelers, tabbing

                              machines, card attachers and many other paper handling solutions, including custom designed machines. 









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